sniffdet - Remote Sniffer Detection Tool/Library


sniffdet devel

There are good chances that the development version is more complete and stable than the latest version (0.9, released on 2003). If you're familiar with git and FOSS development tools, give it a try:;a=summary.

sniffdet 0.9

sniffdet-0.9 [gpg sig] is our latest release.

Don't forget to report, fix and browse our bugs, see our changelog and our TODO.

You can download RPM and SRPM packages, tarballs and old releases using the SourceForge Files Interface.
All tarballs and RPM packages are signed with gpg. The fingerprint is: C484 537D D4D3 5BF9 FA6F 3E34 59CE A74B 825F 1270

git (latest development version)

To download the latest source code, you may access the git repository using:

$ git clone

Or you can access git via web by pointing your browser to;a=summary