sniffdet - Remote Sniffer Detection Tool/Library


The source tarball and the binary packages are complete with full documentation about the API and the application. Unix manpages and development changelogs are also provided. Here you can find standalone documents, usually not provided within the application.

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  • Um Sistema de Testes para a Detecção Remota de Sniffers em Redes TCP/IP
  • Paper presented as a final undergraduation work at Computer Science Department of the Federal University of Paraná - Brazil.
    That's the real documentation, but it's written in Brazilian Portuguese.

    Get it:
    Abstract: Sniffers are tools used to capture and optionally analyze network traffic. This work discusses their behaviour, potential security risks when used by malicious users in a network and available defense and detection techniques. It also describes the implementation of an open source library and an application for remote sniffer detection in Ethernet networks, and the results of the experiments performed.

    Keywords: Security, Computer Networks, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Sniffers, Remote Detection, Implementation.


These diagrams try to explain the architecture of libsniffdet and sniffdet. They came from our paper (which is written in brazilian portuguese only). A better explanation in english should be done in the documents available with sniffdet.

Library architecture (libsniffdet)
Application architecture (sniffdet)

Other documents

The documents below are available in the docs module of our git repository.

  • How it works
    How can we detect sniffers? What's our approach? Is it secure? Is it robust? Can I trust the results? Well... The answers should be here, but it's not a complete document yet. The real answers are in our paper (which is written in Brazilian Portuguese - see above).
  • libsniffdet-usage-example.c
    This file is a simple application that calls the main functions of libsniffdet. It demonstrates how easy and simple it is to use the library to creat your own sniffer detector or to use it in other applications.

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